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Origami (Hideaki Sakata - 1984) englisch (Artikelnummer: 978-0-870-40580-8)

Zugriffe: 1764

Hideaki Sakata 

- gebraucht / guter bis sehr guter Zustand

- mit genauer Falttechnik direkt im Buch 

© 1984 Graph SHA Ltd.    

66 Seiten / Heft 



This book teaches origami using colorful photographs instead of line drawings. This method allows the reader to see easily and clearly whether to fold to the front or back, and exactly what the paper should look like after each step, in "real life." The origami projects are grouped by the "base" figure needed for each, so the reader can learn each "base" and then choose which final figure to complete. This book demonstrates that many different origami figures actually start from the same beginning folds, which makes it easier to learn new ones, and eventually you could even make your own original creations. The book includes all the traditional figures that the word "origami" brings to mind. Complete photographic instructions are included for every figure, on every page. With this book there is no risk of wasting your money just to find a few scattered photos, and a lot of nearly useless line drawings, which is typical of many other origami books. I had always been frustrated by origami; since childhood I have periodically purchased beautiful paper and interesting-looking books, only to put the paper on a shelf to collect dust because the instructions were too difficult. But with this book, it was so fun and easy to understand the instructions. (reviews



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